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Ethan Johnson | Co-Owner

Ethan Johnson

How did you get into cycling?

Cycling for me began at an early age like it does for many. I fell in love with the freedom it gave and continues to give me. Severe knee problems have plagued me from age 15 so as friends were abandoning their bikes for cars I kept using cycling as one of the exercises I could still do pain free. My Huffy Stalker and I explored every trail and dirt road I could find near my home in Lakewood, NY. I spent any free time I had in high school loitering around the local bike shops drooling on bikes I couldn’t afford.

Ethan Johnson

I then got my first bike shop job as a mechanic at Holyloft Ski & Bike in Jamestown, NY and I was hooked. I then worked at T& L Cycles for several years until they went out of business. Then at about 21 Alex Davies(my best friend and co-worker) and I started Revolution Cycles out of his parents two car garage, because we couldn’t consider not continuing our passion. Higher education brought me to Buffalo, but the community I found here is what has kept me here. I started at Campus WheelWorks in 2002 and after working pretty much every role I was lucky enough to take over for Seaghan Coleman in 2007 as the managing owner. I can’t imagine my life without cycling and I spend every day sharing that passion with as many people as I can.



What is your favorite bike ride?

My favorite kind of ride is anything on dirt that is long, hard, adventurous and likely somewhere I've never ridden before. I hate repetition.

Winter riding: inside, outside or both? 

Both, mostly outside on my Fatbike...

What is something you'd like our community to know about you?

My other interests are music: playing, listening and engineering (Bike Shop Life Podcast), homesteading/ simple living, war history, trash picking, maps, camping and being a professional outsider.