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Bike Shop Life Podcast

Listen Up!

Bike Shop Life is a podcast about the life and times of an independent bike shop located in Buffalo, New York - our very own Campus WheelWorks. We're a community-centric, urban, full service shop that puts on 150 events a year! We cater to all kinds of cyclists and therefore have an interesting mix of clientele and staff. No two days at Campus are the same. The host, Ethan Johnson, is a 24 year veteran of the bike industry. He is an active participant in cycling as well as the shop co-owner. These stories and interviews are from his perspective and those he brings into the Bike Shop Life stratosphere. Join Ethan as he searches for the secret to what brings people like himself to choose this line of work as a career. Bike shops are a great example of the classic American small business model, one that is more and more scarce by the day as technology and convenience slowly take over. Independent bike shops continue to fight for survival and relevancy as they evolve or dissolve with the times. Why won't we give up? Tune in as we find out why...