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Saddle Library

**The saddle library is located at 1330 Niagara Street**

A solution to an ocean of saddle varieties and body shapes.

The saddle library is a collection of demo saddles that allows you to try before you buy, while giving you and the saddle the best shot at success.
We have approximately 50 saddles in our library from a variety of brands, so there's something for everyone.

Saddle Library


al la carte or in addition to a bike fit

  • You get access to every available demo saddle in our library, with a 2 week demo period per saddle.
    Our staff will not only measure your sit bones, but use their expertise in helping you pick a saddle out. Riding style, bicycle type, flexibility, and your movement all factor into what saddle will work with your body.

  • We 100% recommend bringing your bike in for the full experience! It is ideal if we can make sure that your saddle height and positioning is optimal with installation. An ill positioned saddle can make the perfect saddle uncomfortable, and we don't want that!

Once you find your forever saddle, we will order a non-demo version for you. You can ride the demo saddle until your new saddle arrives.

Don't let saddle pain be the reason you don't ride!

And don't accept pain or discomfort as a fact of life.

Almost everyone can benefit from a new saddle. There is an amazing variety of body shapes and riding styles, so it's impossible for a manufacturer to stock a bike with a saddle that will work for everyone. Let us help you take this stressful piece out of the puzzle.