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**This service is only available at our 1330 Niagara Street location**

Campus is your DIY endeavor supporter!

Here at Campus, we have always supported the idea of sharing knowledge and empowering our community to not just patronize our repair shop, but to gain the knowledge necessary to take care of your own gear.

We are now taking this one step further...

You can now rent one of our professional repair stations for your own use!

 Includes use of all hand tools, bike repair stand, truing stand and wheel building implements, ultrasonic parts washer, bike wash station, and component specific tools.

*Does not include instruction. However, labor will be prorated by 15% while renting a bench.



*Any needed labor (by our mechanics) will be pro-rated by 15%!

*Must be booked in advance

*Book multiple hours in advance, as others may book the slot after yours

*We are open Tuesday - Saturday 10-6pm, Sunday 10-3pm

*You are responsible for any broken or damaged tools

*You are encouraged to purchase parts from Campus and to use our help to get THE CORRECT parts


Join Us!

Rent-a-Bench is one more way Campus opens its doors to the community. While it's not free, since our rent isn't either, we hope this service helps you on our bike journey. As for instruction: stay tuned for Campus led clinics on topics throughout the year. 

Thank you for your support!