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Ski season is upon us and at Campus we know the importance of having your skis react and perform on the slopes. Getting your skis tuned is essential to their efficiency and your enjoyment on them. Some common questions are how often you should do this, how do you know, and simply why? We wanted to touch on a few points for you that hopefully answers these question and a few more. We want to give you confidence in your decision as you prepare for this season!

*information applies to snowboards as well. Campus tunes snowboards 

How often should I get my skis tuned?

At Campus we suggest at the end of your season you get your skis tuned before you store them till next year. However if you are unaware of this recommendation or skip this process, then before the start of any ski season you should get them tuned. This will provide the confidence you need to know your equipment is functioning properly before you rip down the slopes. The last thing you need to do is fly down a hill, unsure of whats on your feet, hoping they'll perform just do find disappointment. Get'em in and get'em tuned. 

An industry standard seems to be that anywhere from 12-24 skis in a season will result in needing to tune your skis again. For most of us this means one tune a year, at the beginning of the season will probably be enough. 

Keep in mind that after every ski, performance will start to dip. The snow we often see on the slopes here in Western NY tends to be mostly hard, compacted and groomed. This will actually result in wearing your skis down faster. How hard and often you ride your skis combined with snow conditions, will ultimately determine how often your skis need to be tuned. 

How do I know I need a tune?

It is a simple as examining the base and edge of your skis yourself. 

If you turn your ski over and observe that your black base looks white or ashy you are in dire need of wax! If you notice there are spots were wax still seems to exist but worn in other areas, then your bases are not flat. They will feel and look "fuzzy". At this juncture its safe to say your skis are in need of at least a belt grind to smooth and flatten the surface. 

To test your edges, carefully run your finger down the edge of the ski. If you can feel the burrs or roughness of this edge its time to get those puppies sharpened. The burrs and rough edges will reduce your ability to turn smoothly and hold your edge. 

These are basic observations and tests that are all you really need to determine if its time for a tune as you get into the season. 

Belt Grind up-graded to a Stone Grind....why?

With a belt grind you'll get a standard finishing of a basic surface. This will simply remove any roughness or burrs, smoothing and leveling out your base surface. Its a good cosmetic finish, but limiting in its overall performance. 

An upgrade to a Stone Grind will create more structure to the ski. Stone Grind will create patterns that designed to reduce drag and improve performance. These patterns are designed to create added friction which is needed to form the film of water your skis actually glide over. (you don't ski on snow, you ski on the water created by the friction of your ski and snow!

At Campus we do a "crosshatch" pattern and structure. This has proven to work really well with our snow conditions here in Western NY! 

How often should I wax my skis?

You can never wax your skis too much! Maybe the question should be "why do I wax my skis?" Well we basically wax our skis to make them "afraid" of water. The more your skis are afraid of water, the faster they will be. Once again skis ride on the water resulting in the friction created. The better the waxing, the better the friction, the faster the ski. 

Hopefully these few basic questions can start you in the right direction. With plenty of knowledgeable staff on hand, you can be sure at Campus your getting the work you need done, and you're getting it right. Check out our ski tune repairs section for prices and what our tunes include. We offer a standard, a performance and a high performance tune. We will tune, repair and get your skis ready for you this season. Right now we are offering $10 off any tune up through November 15th.

Let Campus be your destination for everything you need this ski season. 

Base Layering with the finest PDF Print E-mail

In any outdoor activity it is essential you have the right gear.  The first place to start when getting ready to attack the tundra is your core. Your "base layer" is the heart and soul of your outdoor preparation.  From staying warm and dry, to finding breathable, sweat wicking technology that helps to regulate your body temperature. There always seems to be a thin line between being too warm or too cold.  Your base layer can make or brake your time on the hill and here at Campus we want to make sure you have exactly what you need.  

For another year we've brought in Terramar base layer clothing.  Terramar specifically engineers their clothing to enhance your outdoor experience. With their numerous brand technologies they are able to create the perfect base for any activity. 

We've brought in a thermoregulating base layer, top and bottoms, for the goodness of your core, to help you get out there and explore. Available in both men's and women's, these base layers offer a litany of technical options. 

This garments benefits include:

*Thermoregulation- technology that gives you comfort in any condition. simply put it reacts to your body, if you are cold it provides warmth, if you are warm it provides a cool effect.

*Sun protection (50+ UPF)

*Odor control

*Moisture wicking

*Heavy weight and brushed soft for warmth 

I can speak from experience that these base layers are an essential peace to my winter attire. The top layer is something I myself wear almost daily during the winter to help keep me warm with lighter layers on top. Its comfortable, form fitting and I'm completely confident in its technical performance. 

-Jay McFadden (Campus employee)

Stop into shop ASAP and get the base layer you need this winter brought to you by Terramar and the boys at Campus Wheelworks!