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XC Ski and Snowshoe Rental

Cross Country Ski and Snowshoe Rentals


Winter is half the year in Buffalo, NY, so we don’t take breaks from fun because of weather.  We love cross country skiing and snowshoeing at Campus WheelWorks, and we rent out great Solomon XC ski’s and MSR snowshoes that you can take to Delaware Park, Chestnut Ridge, Hunter’s Creek, or any number of other local places in the city or surrounding area.
As always, if you take a rental on any Campus Cycling Collective group events, your first time is free, and after that it’s half price. As long as their is snow on the ground we have weekly beginner cross country ski outings on Thursday nights, and we also have our famous yearly Moonlight Snowshoe event to look forward to.

Rental  Skis and Snowshoes are:

$25/24 hours

$12.50/ additional day after the first 24 hours

Salomon Snowscape 7 Classic XC Skis  - Great XC skis by Salomon that are appropriate to ski in or out of groomed conditions.  Take these to Delaware Park, Spraguebrook Park, or Byrncliff!

MSR Evo Snowshoes - High quality hard decked snowshoes, appropriate for all the winter conditions we get in Buffalo. They feature loads of traction with their metal rails and crampon to allow you to traverse flat areas or climb steeper hills. Super fun at Hunters Creek, Delaware park, or the Eternal Flame!



image of our cross country xc ski club meeting in delaware parkethan showing off some cool cross country skis