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Bicycle Repair Services

Bike Repair Services

Our service department is equipped and staffed to handle any repair you may need, from a flat fix to a complete overhaul. Most work is scheduled, but some smaller repairs can be done on the same day.

We love working on all bikes, from all-weather commuters to recreational weekend riders, to triathletes working on their p.r. When you come to Campus we’ll check over your bike and give you a free quote before doing any work, so you can be certain of the overall and accurate cost of any repair.


We have three different bicycle Tune-Up options: Bronze, Silver and Gold. When you bring in your bike, a mechanic will assess it to see what kind of work it needs to get working properly.

Same Day Service on small repairs is often possible.

Aside from complete tune-ups, we also offer our services individually. We can repair flat tires, install bottom brackets, adjust your brakes and shifting, or anything else your bike may need. All of our labor prices are clear and concise to avoid any surprises.

Bronze Bicycle tune up Buffalo, NY - $50 Full adjustment of major components of the bicycle, drivetrain, brakes, wheel true, shifting, headset, Bottom Bracket.
Silver Bike Tune - $100 - Delux bicycle tune-up, degrease and clean drive train and brake system, adjust all moving parts on the bicycle including brakes and shifters
Gold Bike Tune - $200 - Completely strip, clean, overhaul, rebuild, and dial in bike, and


Miscellaneous parts and labor charge

A $20 miscellaneous parts and labor charge will be added to all tune-ups at the time of the quote.  We strive to give accurate quotes but sometimes we will find out that something is worse than we originally thought, or there is a minor issue that was missed and needs to be addressed. This charge allows the mechanics to fix most unforeseen problems if they arise during the tune-up.  If nothing extra comes up during a Tune that would warrant an additional fee the miscellaneous charge will be taken off the final bill.


All Bike repairs must be picked up within 7 days of repair completion or be subject to a storage fee. Bikes left over 30 days will be sold to make room.


All repairs guaranteed for 30 days (excludes flat fixes).