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Giant Bicycles

Campus WheelWorks welcomes Giant Bikes. The worlds leading manufacturer of high performance bicycles.

Giant is one of the only bike companies in the world that owns their own factories, they make their own carbon fiber, they make their own aluminum, they engineer the best bicycles possible from their Taiwan factories. The frames and manufacturing is human intensive and almost all the frames are hand built and hand welded. Giant has more control over the product that gets delivered than any other brand, and the quality is very high.

Giant as a brand has always pushed newer technologies in design and manufacturing, pushing the industry to new places. Because Giant controls their entire process from start to finish, their bikes, come in at a better price than competitors.

Giant produces world championship road bikes and mountain bikes, as well as rugged hybrids, city cruisers, kids bikes, and e-bikes. We carry a wide selection, come take a test ride today!