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Focus Bikes

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Focus Bikes


“Our quest for perfection in Focus products is embodied in the phrase ‘German Engineered’. Every member of the Focus development staff strives towards the exacting standards behind this philosophy.”

Focus is a newer brand in the US, even though they are Germany's largest bike brand.  As soon as they made plans to come to the US, we decided to bring them in. Focus makes exceptionally high quality bike frames, and puts together great appealing parts packages on their complete builds. As a company they are heavily invested in cyclocross, road and mountain bikes. The current US champion rides a Focus 'Cross bike. Focus are a very innovative company developing their own rapid release thru axle system. They don't bend to industry trends in rame design, they test and retest and come up with their own unique solutions. While being very innovative, they make bikes that maintain a great price point and really look great.

We Carry the FOllowing bikes from Focus:

Cayo - excellent performance road bike

Cayno Donna - high quality Women's road race bicycle

Mares - World Class Cyclocross Bike

Paralane - all around fantastic Gravel Bike

Black Forest - One of the best deals in mountain bike perfromance