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Michael DeLano | Co-Owner




How did you get into cycling?

I stole my brother's bike when I was 10, then started commuting to High School and UB then Work at Lex Coop, Shickluna's Bike Shop on Niagara and then MTB fun. 

What is your favorite bike ride?

Braley's Pond in George Washington Natl Forest. It has fun stuff, great scenery and you straddle the Virginia and West Virginia state line on a ridge. 

Winter riding: inside, outside or both? 


What is something you'd like our community to know about you?

I am a classical musician. I sing professionally in Church Choirs (St Paul's Cathedral Buffalo, and St. John's Ep Church where Patrick Henry gave his something something speech) and play piano. I also love Soccer and Ultimate and Disc Golf. I love riding Mountain Bikes in my home in Virginia. I am so proud to have Ethan and Alex as partners because they have allowed me to continue my dream of owning a bike shop even though I live miles away. I love helping with the big picture at Campus.