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Vanessa "Hambelina" Elder - I Sell a Bike

Vanessa Elder, Sales - Campus Wheelworks - Buffalo, NY

What bikes do you ride?

I ride a 2015 Salsa Marrakesh, and a 2009 Bianchi Brava

How did you get into bike riding?

I’ve always loved riding bikes, after I graduated my dad and I got more involved in the up and coming cycling community in Buffalo.

What is your favorite bike ride?

All of them

What Winter Activities do you partake in?

Commuting, hibernation, survival.

What do you do when not at the bike shop?

Eat fake cheese, make fun of my co workers for eating so much ham all the time, pour hot sauce on everything.

Goals for the year 2017 and beyond?

I wanna ride my bike far.  Start out with somewhere like Toronto, and maybe try going westward.