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Roy Draves - Drums/Dirt War

Roy Draves, mechanic, Campus WheelWorks, Buffalo, NY

What bikes do you ride?

I mostly ride track bikes but I own a road bike as well, and I enjoy switching between them.

How did you get into bike or when did you start riding a bike?

I got into actively riding and commuting on a bike when I was about 15. I had a group of friends who all got road bikes around the same time, so I ended up snagging my first road bike at a flea market for $10, I rode it until it fell apart. When I was in high school I had to take 2 buses and a train and I was always late. I eventually started riding my bike to school and found out it was much quicker than public transportation. It taught me how to be independent (and actually on time), since then I’ve been addicted to being faster than everything moving around me. All at the same time I’ve found a community around me that also loves bikes in equal or different ways than me. It’s refreshing! I love riding my bike in this city.

What is your favorite bike ride?

The Sunday night ride once in awhile and Campus Tuesday rides. Also any ride with a group of people I enjoy being around.

What winter gear do you have?

I like to use thermals paired with a light sweater along with a North Face wind breaker.  I also pair Louis Garneau shoes covers with fenders. It’s an awesome combo to stay warm and dry.

What do you do when not at the bike shop?

I love to play drums, I enjoy expressing myself through the music I’m apart of. In the music world of my brain I constantly like to push myself to be creative, relatable and unique. I also enjoy pushing myself as a cyclist and I enjoy commuting and running errands all while on a bike. If only I could fit a drum set on a bicycle I would have it made. I like fixing and maintaining my own bikes in my spare time along with keeping my drums in top notch order.

What do you like to eat for breakfast?

Good question! Eggs, bacon, toast, coffee, potatoes, omelets, Greek salads, turkey sandwiches and pizza.