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Matt "Stunning" Dunning - Sales Manager

Matt Dunning - Sales Manager Campus WheelWorks, Buffalo, NY

How did you get into riding bikes?

I had my childhood Huffy stolen on purpose while living in Chicago so I could justify spending money on an actual bicycle from a LBS.  I bought my first real bike, an aluminum cyclocross bike. I rode the hell out of that thing all over Chicago for years, commuting, going to shows, everywhere. I worked as a messenger in the loop for some time.  I love Buffalo, but it can’t match the thrill of riding around like a maniac in Chicago’s congested rush hour traffic.

What bikes do you ride:

Seven Cycles custom titanium road bike

Felt El Bandito cruiser / cyclocross

Various vintage Raleigh 3-speeds.

What is your favorite bike ride

In Buffalo I like to ride with the Campus Cycling Collective or the Buffalo Bike Party for group rides. If I’m riding solo, I’ll do a long 60 mile loop in the Southtowns

Personal Favorite ever? Cycling in Marin County California on crazy windy dark roads near giant redwood trees.

What winter activities do you participate in?

Commuting, XC skiing, snow shoeing, shoveling snow, getting freaky on the dance floor.

What do you do when not at the bike shop?

Play Indonesian gamelan music, graphic design, make movies, ride my bike, party 24/7, act a fool.

How do you feel about Potatoes?

I don’t like them.



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