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Jenn "Koala" Kowalik - Buyer

Jen Kowalik - Buyer - Campus WheelWorks - Buffalo, NY

What bikes do you ride?

Liv Langma Advanced Disc for feeling sooo fast, crushing hills, and general awesome biking feels

A sweet steel single speed for year round commuting and adventuring

An older Salsa Blackborow for crushing it in the snow

Felt VR6W for everything else in between

How did you get into biking?

I learned how to ride a bike at the ripe age of 23. As someone who doesn’t like cars, it is necessary. And so incredibly fun! My life has changed for the better ever since.

What is your favorite bike ride?

The first one after neglecting your bike for a day or more. The wind, the sunshine, the smell of flowers blooming or fresh cut grass… That rush and freedom bring about a sense of wonderment and joy that cannot be beat.

What do you do when not at the bike shop?

I dabble in aerial dance and cosmetology. When I’m not busy doing those things, I enjoy a good dance party, some nice bourbon, or a karaoke party.

Bikes bikes bikes?

I'm a Liv ambassador and creator of FTW Cyclists WNY. I'm doing my best to build up the femme/trans/women cycling community in Buffalo, NY <3

Check out my Liv ambassador page!