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Colin "Gettin Hurt" Carpenter - Positive Vibes

Colin Carpenter, sales, Campus WheelWorks Buffalo, NY

What bikes do you ride?

I do a ride on: Jamis Sputnik track bike, tall bikes, We The People crisis complete with some tight upgrades for the streetz, then my smelly rusty junky raleigh technium fixed commuter. 

What is your favorite bike ride?

Too many to be just one! Some that come to mind though include Buffalos midnight ride, NYC, Detroit stuff, mobbing on freak bikes with my bird homies and just random other stuff me and my bike find ourselves in. 

What winter activities do you participate in? 

Doing skiing and doing commuting.

What do you do when not at the bike shop? 

Anything and everything I can't do when I am at the bike shop.

Words of wisdom?

” Logic is my tool of choice for a quick fix.”- Fred Durst.

Sherd into chaos. Sherd into noid.