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Colin "Gettin Hurt" Carpenter - Positive Vibes

Colin Carpenter, sales, Campus WheelWorks Buffalo, NY

What bikes do you ride?

 I own a 1987 Panasonic DX1000 & a tall bike

Dirt bikes.

What is your favorite bike ride?

West Lake Rd. and the surrounding area in Canadaigua NY is currently my favorite route. 

What winter activities do you participate in?

During the winter I enjoy Cycling and commuting through the snow, it makes the winter season much more bearable. Im looking forward to start skiing this 2015-16 winter season as well. Winter Bike Commuting

What do you do when not at the bike shop?

During my time off I enjoy a plethora of activities. Racing my dirt bike, hiking, and collecting vinyl are up there on my list of favorites. Of course getting miles in on my Panasonic is enjoyable as well along with all the great group rides that can be found here in Buffalo.

Words of wisdom?

” Logic is my tool of choice for a quick fix.”- Fred Durst.